National Association of

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists

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Cognitive-Behavioral Seminars, Workshops,
 Conferences, and In-house Training Programs

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 National Association of
 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists

The NACBT provides cognitive-behavioral training (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) covering a wide variety of treatment issues in the following formats:

(1) Onsite / In-house Training

     The NACBT provides in-house training in CBT.  Mental health centers, hospitals, military treatment facilities, and other businesses often contact the NACBT to provide in-house training their employees. 

For complete information on our onsite training programs, please click here.


(2) Seminars & Workshops

     The NACBT conducts seminars and workshops throughout the United States and Canada.  These offerings are scheduled and promoted by the NACBT.  For more information on our scheduled workshops,
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(3) Conferences

     The NACBT holds an annual conference the first week of June each year.  The conference is open to both members and non-members.  The conference usually emphasizes intensive training programs.  For more information on our next scheduled conference,
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(4) Home Study

     The NACBT offers continuing education home-study programs in cognitive-behavioral therapy.  For more information on our home-study programs,
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Mental Health Issues

     NACBT seminars can be adapted to the specific issues you and your staff face.  Among the topics addressed are:

     *  General Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
     *  Rational Living Therapy
     *  Mood Disorders
     *  Anxiety Disorders
     *  Personality Disorders
     *  Anger / Guilt
     *  Child / Adolescent Issues
     *  Eating Disorders
     *  Difficult & Challenging Clients
     *  Overcoming Resistance
     *  Martial / Family Problems

The National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists is approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) to provide continui